The globalists are ramping up their campaign to bring about their 'great reset'. They are pushing a forced depopulation scam through experimental gene-altering innoculations, and they are now coming for the kids by giving them the jab and bribing them with freebies to do so, all without parental consent! We must step up the resistance if we want to win.

Why billboards?

We need to reach those who are still unaware of the medical tyranny and the dangers of the clot shot. Billboards are not only high profile, but they can't be peeled off by Karen. Importantly, it gives us a platform to share facts and information that avoids censorship by big tech and the mainstream media. If we are going to win, we need numbers on our side.
There are millions of people still on the fence or simply not aware of the true agenda - if we can reach those people, we will win. That is why this billboard campaign will be instrumental to our path to victory.

We know it seems everyone is asking for money these days. But The White Rose is a decentralised, grassroots movement and we have been, and still are to this day, giving away hundreds of thousands of stickers every year for free. We run free giveaways so people can win their own printer. But Billboards will cost money. And ALL proceeds go directly to paying for the billboards, which is more that can be said for other groups who are run like a business and aim to make profit. ALL monies raised pay for billboards across the world to reach people who only see the lies put out by the MSM propaganda machine. And everyone who donates is entered into a draw to win a QL810-w sticker printer.

More info on the campaign here.

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