The White Rose is a decentralized global network of independent activists—each a powerful one person operation—all working in unison to disseminate a much needed counter narrative to the relentless onslaught of fear mongering, lies and propaganda we've all been subjected to since day one of the Covid-19 "pandemic". United by a common cause and methodology, our mission is to inspire healthy skepticism, critical thought and righteous dissent in the face of ubiquitous government and corporate media propaganda, mass authoritarian groupthink, and an official Covid-19 narrative riddled with logical inconsistencies, quasi-religious dogmatism and outright lies. In an age of rampant internet censorship, where all dissenting voices are silenced, and only Big Tech approved viewpoints are permitted a platform, we have taken the immense power of memetic warfare to the streets, via the medium of stickers!

An archive of thought provoking sticker designs is made available to download (for free!) on both our Telegram and MeWe channels:
Telegram: https://t.me/jointhewhiterose
MeWe: https://mewe.com/i/jointhewhiterose

Obtaining a thermal label printer is all that is required to begin mass producing and then disseminating the stickers, in parallel with thousands of activists doing the same thing in their own local areas around the world. The label printers we recommend (Brother QL series) are inexpensive to purchase (especially when purchased second hand on Ebay), do not require ink, and enable the mass, decentralized production of our stickers, for DIRT cheap, from the comfort of your home. Everything you need to know about how to print our stickers, explained in simple step by step instructions, can be found within the free sticker archive. New sticker designs, as well as photos of sticker "sightings", can be shared in our discussion group (https://t.me/thewhiterosechat).

We are decentralized and amorphous. We have no centralized leadership, membership list or hierarchical chain of command. Each White Rose participant is an independent free agent, entirely responsible for his or her own actions. We do not exist as any kind of tangible organization, but rather as an idea; a concept; a methodology. We are strictly non-violent. We do not condone any offensive acts of violence, nor the destruction of property. We welcome all skin colors, races, creeds, and walks of life, so long as the individual's behavior and beliefs align with our mission and principles.

We do not subscribe to partisanship, identity politics, or the false left/right political paradigms created, by design, to divide and conquer us, and to attempt to subjugate us under the control of those who falsely believe they own our bodies, minds, and souls. We do not condone, and moreover, we condemn racism of any kind. We believe that all individuals should be judged solely on the content of their character, not on any immutable genetic characteristics, or the actions of other members of any group to which he or she may belong. We are inherently anti-authoritarian, condemning all forms of involuntary collectivism, including globalism, fascism, communism, National Socialism, Marxism, and all other doctrines that hold that any one group has the rightful authority to rule another, without the explicit consent of the governed.

We hereby summarize our principles, so that all who might act in our name can understand our ideas, goals, and means. Anybody purporting to act in our name whose actions and beliefs do not align with these principles, does not represent us, and we do not claim them.

- Natural law, according to which all people—by virtue of being born—are endowed with inalienable 'natural rights', conferred not by act of legislation (as with 'legal rights') but by "God, nature, or reason."
- Individual sovereignty/self-ownership
- the natural right of every person to be the exclusive controller of one's own body and life.
- Bodily autonomy
- the natural right of all human beings to self-determination over their own bodies.
- Freedom of movement.
- Freedom of assembly.
- Freedom of speech.
- The non-aggression principle, which asserts that no violence may be employed against a non-aggressor, in accordance with natural law.
- Non-violent civil disobedience.
- The Nuremberg Code.

- Mandatory or coerced vaccination, especially with experimental, gene altering mRNA technology, for which no long term safety data exists, and for which clinical trials are still ongoing.
- Mask mandates, which violate the principles of bodily autonomy and self ownership.
- Totalitarian lockdown restrictions, including (but not limited to): stay-at-home orders, forced business closures, forced quarantine of healthy people.
- Vaccine passports.
- PCR testing for diagnostic purposes.
- The Great Reset.

Our name is an homage to the WW2-era underground resistance group—active within Nazi Germany—who at great personal peril published and distributed a series of leaflets calling for active opposition to the Nazi regime. The courage, wisdom and ultimate sacrifice of Sophie and Hans Scholl, and all of their brave student allies, continues to inform and inspire us nearly 80 years later.

We provide these bumper sticker designs on the condition that you do not use them for any kind of illegal purposes, including (but not limited to) placement of stickers on private property. If you do decide to use them for illegal purposes, we are not liable or responsible in any way. By using our stickers, you agree to these conditions. If you do not agree, do not use our stickers!